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About Jillybeans Leotards


Thank you for your interest in Jillybeans Leotards. In business since 1997, our mission is to provide the best quality children's leotards at the most affordable prices. Because of our reputation for quality and excellent prices, repeat business and "word of mouth" advertising has driven the business and provided a loyal customer base.  Our business aspirations are quite simple, and we continue to focus on what is important -- maintaining an affordable product.  

With the economy in such a tough position, we know just how difficult it is to afford our childrens' sports.  Keeping things simple is what enables us to not only keep Jillybeans prices low,  but also maintain a commitment to quality.  Trust us, your child will look just as great in our affordable leotards as they would in any other expensive brand. They will also be wearing a unique design, as most of our styles are limited in production.  As such, in order to keep our prices down and our product fresh, we do not produce a catalog. We will, however, keep our product offering to you updated. Please check back often or request e-mail notification as to when we change products on the website.

We are an ONLINE provider only, and we do not have a store front.  We currently do not offer our items on consignment.  As we consider ourselves "wholesale to the public" we do not offer additional wholesale pricing.  Closeouts are offered several times a year, but these items sell out quickly. You can contact us at: or toll-free 1-800-810-4046.  Our busy schedule often keeps us from answering the phone, so we ask you to leave a message. We return calls promptly, however, during our business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday.  Address all returns/exchanges to: Jillybeans Leotards, 8512 Valley Falls Drive, Plano, TX 75025. 


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